Kaohsiung Substation

No.380 Kuang-tung Three Road, Kao-hsiung City
  • TEL : 07-7150800
  • FAX : 07-7110032
Frequency : FM 101.7MHz, FM 107.7MHZ

Kaohsiung Substation


The Kaohsiung Substation and the Shoushan Transmission Station were established in 1984 and went into operation on June 15th of 1987. The Kaohsiung Substation is located in the Chiencheng District of the Kaohsiung City, adjoining the Hsiaokang International Airport and Kaohsiung Municipal Open University on the left, the Lingya District in the front with the Kaohsiung City Government, and the Kaohsiung Normal University and the cultural Center on the right.The Kaohsiung Substation has a special advantage because of its central location and convenient transportation.

In order to expand its service area, Kaohsiung Substation established the Penghu Relay Station, Chentou Mountaion Relay Station, and the Hengchun Relay Station for improved broadcast quality. The Kaohsiung Substation covers a wide service area including the six counties and cities to the south of Chiayi to cover as far as Penghu in the west, including Chiayi County and City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, and Penghu County.

With a natural advantage, the Kaohsiung Substation plays a dual role of a medium and a social education institution. As a lifelong learning advocator, it actively seeks out a variety of social resources to promote social education, disseminate educational ideas, assist in social education charity events and school broadcasting education, and promote education for the indigenous peoples.



Chentou Mountain Relay Station   Shoushan Transmission Station


The radio signals between Chia-yi City and Hsin-ying city used to be unstable. For the purpose of improving the bad situation and providing better service for the people living in south of Chia-yi City and north of Tainan, Chentou Mountain Relay was set up on June 15, 1998. It is located in Kuan-tzu-ling Assort, White River Village, Tainan County. The house was built in white walls with red roof, and the tower was painted in red and white color strips. That makes the scene look quite beautiful and peaceful with local building.



In Shou-shan Transmission Station, which is located in Shou-shan Mountain with 350 meters height, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Taiwan Strait and Kao-hsiung City. Shou-shan Transmission Station was set up in 1984 and formally began operating in 1987. It transmits the signals between Taipei Headquarter and Kao-hsiung Substation with its FM101.7 frequcecy by power of 30 kilowatts. It provides service to Kao-hsiung County, Kao-hsiung City, and Ping-tung County.

 枕頭山發射站    壽山發射站
Penghu Relay Station   Hengchun Relay Station


Penghu Transmission Station, which began oprating on March 11,1996. could resolve the problem of bad tuning around Peng-hu Island. It is located at No. 11 Ta-an Mountain 25, An-shan Area,Makung City, Penghu County, neighboring to Penghu Army Hospital, Chung-shan Elementary School, and Baseball Field.  The site is a connvient and with good scenery. Peng-hu Relay Station now owns FM 99.1 frequency. People in Penghu Island, Tung-pan, Hu-ching, Wang-an, Chi-mei, Hua-yu, and Chi-pei can easily tune.



In order to serve our listeners from Hengchun, Fangshan, Shihzih, Checheng, Mudan and Manjhou Township etc. in Hengchun Peninsula, we had prepared to build Hengchun Relay Station at Hengchun Tai Ping Ding Mount. in 2000. The construction was completed in March 2003 and the broadcasts were started on July 7th. Hengchun Relay Station locates between Hengchun Township and Taiwan Strait where you can have a broad field of vision and enjoy scenic landscape as well. The broadcast on FM frequency 99.3 MHz not only provides opportunities for additional learning for both teachers and students but also for latest educational affairs for all eners in Hengchun Peninsula.