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* Tai-tung SubStation

Tai-tung SubStationNO 135 MAHENGHENG BOULEVARD, Taitung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
FM 102.9MHz
Electricity Power:5kW
FM 100.5MHz
Electricity Power:3kW

Taitung Substation

To make sure that the audiences in the east where cultural activities are relatively difficult to promote are not left out in our service, NER established the Taitung Substation in 1985 and the Peinan Transmission Station in 1986, which aired the first program on September 30th of 1988 and started to promote the back-country culture as one of its major responsibility. The second broadcast network was completed in 2001 to expand its service coverage.
Due to the landform constraint posed by high mountains, the majority of the Taiyung County population is highly concentrated in the coastal region with some scattered throughout the mountains, forming a unique back-country culture. Therefore, in program design, in addition to broadcasting in synchrony the Taipei Headquarters programs, the Taitung Substation also provides nationwide cultural and educational information to the audience in eastern Taiwan, and collaborates with local schools and cultural or educational institutions to produce local culture programs. The Taitung Substation aims on the one hand to become a professional education provider for local residents, including handling education inquiries and offering a further education channel, and on the other to promote a reform of the mind and a rural culture with unique local features.

* Pei-nan Trausmission Station
Pei-nan Trausmission Station FM103.5MHz
Electricity Power:1kW


Pei-nan Trausmission Station, which is located in No. 33-1 Mei-nung Heights, Pei-nan Village, Tai-tung County, receives the radio signals from Taipei Headquarter and from Tai-tung Substation 24 hours a day, then broadcasts the programs to the listeners in Tai-tung Area. It was at first accomplished the facilities on April 1, 1986, later on had been fulfilled the radio equipments, generator. broadcast control room and guard room.



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